Magic, special abilities

Magical abilities come from starting to open the cells in your brain that you last used in your childhood. That is, you had these abilities in your childhood, but a child is under the influence of his parents and is therefore strongly influenced by what his parents know and believe in the world. This also means that magical abilities are greatly influenced by the belief of those who are above you in the hierarchy. Therefore, there is not as many superman in the world as there could be. Because the source of these abilities is in your brain, and as the world adjusts to your faith, many of these abilities are just dormant in people who do not believe such abilities exist.

The other group is who are evolving alone or individual travelers. Most of whom people look crazy about. Such people must thus retreat to solitude in order to further develop and establish their authority. For every human being is, to some extent, part of society, which in a few places is not organized into a hierarchy. Whoever begins to discover his/her inner world is faced with two difficulties. One is an internal difficulty that is very difficult to find this way. In addition, as one comes into contact with the higher dimensions, he/she discovers that he/she is encountering a perhaps much more hierarchical look inside than he/she has pulled out of here. The reason for this will be a separate topic, because I do not want to turn away from our current topic. The first difficulty, therefore, is that when one thinks of individual consciousness, one interferes with the collective hierarchy in ascension, which does not know individual consciousness and begins to defend itself. The consequence of this may be that some are going crazy about it. So, for someone to start this, you need to be sure of yourself and overcome the fear in front of you.

The other difficulty is in the outside world, and I do not claim that there is no connection between the two, since the outside world is a reflection of the inner world. In the outside world, every decent person works and creates existence. He starts a family, has children and is a productive part of society. Whoever withdraws to loneliness and begins to meditate does the opposite. That is, it will provoke disapproval of your environment. The difficulty is that the more we raise our angle, the more the importance of things in our eyes changes. They will understand us less and less and the only reasonable conclusion they can draw is that we are going crazy. This goes on until we prove it, but the spiritual world is reluctant to prove it. The spiritual world refers to the frequencies of the Dream, not bound by the rules and limitations of reality. It is basically based on faith that if you need proof of faith, you do not deserve to be ascended.

So far, I've talked about what every esoteric book is about. How to raise your individual consciousness. Because there is another such system that gives you ascension and these are religions. However, religions promise you this ascension only after your death, while esotericism offers you now. I do not want to do justice to this debate, because both sides have their own truth, which is difficult to argue with. That's why I decided to think about multiplex projection, where everyone finds the perfect world for them. However, with this, I have won both sides of the disapproval and, strangely enough, both sides demand proof from me. But proving it would be equal to proving that I am the God, that is, a being who in reality does not want to prove to anyone. In addition, this also entails the problem of being forced to prove this divinity by my individual consciousness, that God is nothing but the source of an entire world, that is, a collective center. In fact, this is where there is a lot of misunderstanding on the border between the two worlds, on which certain lines of power have already been built. Everyone finds God in himself/herself, and by all means, but on different levels of consciousness. So my proof would be that my level of consciousness is the highest.

The shape of Jesus, that is, what they created for us not to jeopardize this established order of power, otherwise you will end up on the cross, which has become the logo of today's Christianity. Jesus did speak of divine love and died in glorifying the Lord. Just as millions died in the Gulag just as Stalin was glorified before the volley. So if I want to make my return wisely, that is, with my individual consciousness, I will definitely need a spiritual framework to provide this. I have no idea to glorify the Lord because the Lord is a seventh dimensional being, and I should prove to myself that I am returning from the 42nd dimension with my consciousness. This would cause me an anomaly anyway, since people are not only conscious of the individual, and in the collective hierarchy this is difficult to explain. From here, you can figure out how many years of my 20-year-old meditation this solution took. We draw loudspeakers to the right solvers.

Returning to our subject, who consciously transforms himself into this spiritual framework, he receives the background support he would need to spend the first 10 years developing. We do not get away with the hierarchy anyway, but it is based on the actual real performance of the individual, which is controlled by parameters and not by one's momentary mood or obedience. Anyone who understands what you are reading here knows that I am not escaping proof because I am being attacked by Heaven and Earth at the same time. From the point of view of Heaven, I am Satan (that is, one who is raised with his individual consciousness), and from the point of view of Earth, I am Satan (who uses the rational hemisphere of his brain), but I am not religious or even baptized. What's more, I can't prove my divinity, so all I can do is prove my Satanic nature. Anyway, I would believe that if I were God and had to choose, I would choose the freest role and that is Satan. As I speak of what I have done, the result would be smoothly signed by Christ. If they tell me that I would be the Anti-Christ, I say that he is a Christ because he is in his name. I didn't talk to a lot of theologians because on the one hand I don't get it, and on the other hand they wouldn't talk to me, but I think they don't question it either.

But those who hold the official celestial papers (blessings, endorsements, seals, etc.), only one of them has achieved enlightenment by himself. It may have happened to him that he was able to unite with the collective consciousness, whose world we would say was feudal. This collective center took control of it and began to transform our world. I do not claim that this was with the consent of the man, because then we would not live in freedom. In the meantime, I claim to have lost control, and the signs of this are being reflected in world events. The collective consciousness thinks that what he occupies is henceforth his part. It doesn't matter what you promised, because in itself everyone does what they want. From the point of view of individual consciousness, this is an extremely unfair environment because you work for something that is lost from you to give to those who have done nothing but surrender to it and have made a vow of loyalty. I am in a difficult situation because there are no genders in the Hungarian language, but this is inevitable in English translation. I don't know English as much as the google translater, but so much so that I can correct it's mistakes. Certainly the result of the translation will be masculine, but don't be so sure. If the collective center was a man, he would have to undergo a spiritual mutation like me, and I wouldn't say my brain could handle that. But yes, a 48k ZX-Spectrum can control a PC park.

But how will this story make you special? What you read here provided it with the essentials, the understanding needed for your advanced brain and the faith it requires. I do not ask you for your faith beforehand as they do. Have you seen something like this happen here? The faith comes from your knowledge of what you have learned here. From here you basically have four options.

1. You are looking for a priest and after your death you will rise as he promises
2. You go to a secret society, which is essentially the same company, but with individual consciousness
3. Consciously register yourself in the ÉlményPark, which has a spiritual travel agency that will manage your posture of consciousness after your death, but will not block you if you want to do it yourself now, and even support it if you do it fairly
4. You retire to a forest or sit in an apartment for how many years you know, and you open up the cells in your brain that result in the display of your extraordinary abilities

Sometimes they come out of nowhere. You can play it too, but if that happens, don't be afraid or scared because these cells will close.

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