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Általában a változások események formájában jelzik közeledtüket és ilyenkor olyan iheletek érkeznek, amik létező problémákra engednek rátekintést. A létező problémák megítélése viszont eltérő, hisz ha ezekből hasznot lehet húzni, akkor máris megjelennek az ellenérdekű felek.

European Defense System (EVR)

The story goes back about 10 years. That's when I finished the meditations I didn't watch on TV or use the internet. I didn't use it outside of the few minutes I had uploaded an html web page that I was transmitting somewhere the energies I came in contact with. I didn't know where, but the world works that way. If something is available somewhere, they will reach it. The internet has made this much easier, since no one had to contact me personally. That at that level of consciousness would not have been easy. I gained a lot of valuable experience, which I later developed further. Research topics also arose that I later set aside for study. For example, while my consciousness is in the deep trans range, my body is engaging in a continuous timeline of activity that is not known in how many realities and how it occurs. I felt completely alone with these tasks, who could I tell? What would they have understood? I've only been dealing with these things for years.

Magic, special abilities

Magical abilities come from starting to open the cells in your brain that you last used in your childhood. That is, you had these abilities in your childhood, but a child is under the influence of his parents and is therefore strongly influenced by what his parents know and believe in the world. This also means that magical abilities are greatly influenced by the belief of those who are above you in the hierarchy. Therefore, there is not as many superman in the world as there could be. Because the source of these abilities is in your brain, and as the world adjusts to your faith, many of these abilities are just dormant in people who do not believe such abilities exist.